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  • 1. Explore the Types of Angles Associated with Transversals
    2. Properties of Angles Associated with Transversals
    3. Determine if Two Given Lines are Parallel
    4. Problem Solving Involving Properties of Angles
    5. Identify Regular Polygons and Their Properties
    6. Sketch, Draw and Construct Regular Polygons
    7. Identify and Find the Size of an Interior or Exterior Angle
    8. Determine the Sum of the Interior or Exterior Angles
    9. Find the Size of an Interior or Exterior Angle and the Number of Sides of a Regular Polygon
    10. Problem Solving Involving Angles and Sides of Polygons
    11. Understand the Properties of Circles Involving Symmetry, Chords and Arcs
    12. Use the Properties of Circles Involving Symmetry, Chords and Arcs
    13. Understand the Properties of Angles in Circles
    14. Determine the relationship between angles
    15. Problem Solving Involving Angles of Circles
    16. Cyclic Quadrilaterals and the Interior Opposite Angles
    17. Exterior Angle and the Corresponding Interior Opposite Angle
    18. Problem Solving Involving Angles of Cyclic Quadrilaterals
    19. Problem Solving Involving Circles
    20. Obtain and Interpret Information from Pie Charts
    21. Construct Pie Charts to Represent Data
    22. Problem Solving Involving Pie Charts
    23. Determine Suitable Representation of Data
    24. The Mode of Data
    25. The Median of Data
    26. The Mean of Data
    27. Problem Solving Involving Mode, Median and Mean
    28. Understand the Concept of Indices
    29. Multiplication Involving Same Base or Different Bases
    30. Division of Numbers in Index Notation
    31. Derive and Simplify Numbers and Algebraic Terms
    32. Combined Operations on Numbers and Algebraic Terms
    33. Combined Operations Involving Negative Indices
    34. Value of a1/n
    35. Value of am/n
    36. Combined Operations Involving Fractional Indices
    37. Computations Involving Several Numbers Expressed in Index Notation
    38. Combined Operations Involving Positive, Negative and Fractional Indices
    39. Concept of Expanding Brackets
    40. State Factors of Algebraic Terms
    41. Factorise and Simplify Algebraic Fractions
    42. Perform Addition or Subtraction on Algebraic Fractions
    43. Perform Multiplication or Division on Algebraic Fractions
    44. Perform Multiplication or Division on Algebraic Fractions
    45. Variables and Constants
    46. Write a Formula
    47. Express a Specified Variable as the Subject of a Formula and Determining Its Value
    48. Solve Problems Involving Formulae
    49. Calculate the Volume of Prisms
    50. Calculate the Dimensions of Prisms
    51. Calculate the Volume of Right Circular Cylinders
    52. Calculate the Dimensions of Right Circular Cylinders
    53. Convert Volume in One Metric Unit to Another
    54. Problem Solving Involving Volume of Prisms and Cylinders
    55. Calculate the Volume of Pyramids
    56. Calculate the Dimensions of Pyramids
    57. Calculate the Volume of Circular Cones
    58. Calculate the Dimensions of Circular Cones
    59. Problem Solving Involving Volume of Pyramids and Cones
    60. Calculate the Volume and Radius
    61. Problem Solving Involving Volume of Spheres
    62. Calculate the Volume of Composite Solids
    63. Problem Solving Involving Volume of Composite Solids
    64. Sketch and Draw Shapes
    65. Draw Composite Shapes
    66. Redraw Shapes
    67. Problems Involving Scale Drawings
    68. Similar Shapes
    69. Identify an Enlargement
    70. Determine the Centre, Image or Properties of Enlargement
    71. Calculate the Dimensions
    72. Relationship between the Area of the Image and Its Object
    73. Problem Solving Involving Enlargement
    74. Determine and Write Linear Equations
    75. Determine the Value of a Variable or the Possible Solutions
    76. Determine and Solve Two Simultaneous Linear Equations
    77. Problem Solving Involving Two Simultaneous Linear Equations
    78. Greater Than and Less Than
    79. Determine if a Given Relationship is a Linear Inequality
    80. Represent a Linear Inequality
    81. Construct Linear Inequalities Using Symbols
    82. State a New Inequality for a Given Inequality
    83. Construct Inequalities from Given Information
    84. Solve a Linear Inequality
    85. Solve Linear Inequalities Using a Combination of Operations
    86. Represent the Common Values on a Number Line
    87. Solve Two Simultaneous Linear Inequalities
    88. State the Relationship between Two Variables
    89. Dependent and Independent Variables
    90. Construct Tables, Draw Graphs and Determine Values from Graphs
    91. Solve Problems Involving Graphs of Functions
    92. Determine and Calculate the Rate
    93. Calculate a Quantity and Convert the Unit of Rate
    94. Solve Problems Involving Rates
    95. Identify Quantities Involved in Speed; Calculate and Interpret Speed
    96. Calculate the Distance or Time and Convert the Unit of Speed
    97. Calculate the Average Speed
    98. Calculate the Distance or Time
    99. Solve Problems Involving Speed and Average Speed
    100. Identify the Quantities Involved in Acceleration; Calculate and Interpret Acceleration
    101. Identify the Respective Sides and Determine the Tangent
    102. Calculate the Tangent and Lengths of Sides
    103. Determine and Calculate the Sine of an Angle
    104. Calculate the Lengths of Sides when Given the Value of Sine
    105. Determine and Calculate the Cosine of an Angle
    106. Calculate the Lengths of Sides when Given the Value of Cosine
    107. Calculate the Values of Trigonometric Ratios
    108. Convert the Measurement of Angles and Find the Trigonometric Ratios of Specific Angles
    109. Find the Trigonometric Ratios and Angles Using Scientific Calculators
    110. Solve Problems Involving Trigonometric Ratios

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